Wildfire Threatens Many Colorado Homes

An estimated 94,000 homes in Colorado are thought to be at either high or very high risk of wildfire damage according to CoreLogic’s Wildfire Hazard Risk Report. The Denver Post brought this report to our attention yesterday, here’s more from The Post’s article:

Colorado has the nation’s second-highest number of homes rated at very high risk for wildfire damage, according to a report by CoreLogic Inc.

California had 49,258 houses at very high risk of wildfire damage, only slightly higher than the estimated 48,901 in Colorado.

In addition to the Colorado homes rated at very high risk, the report showed 54,511 homes to be at low risk, 33,263 at moderate risk and 45,311 at high risk.

CoreLogic’s report was developed to help insurance agencies, financial institutions, homeowners understand the risk of wildfire damage. The report from CoreLogic highlight’s Boulder:

In the Boulder [area], the Nederland ZIP Code area and several Boulder ZIP Code areas fall into the highest wildfire risk category in both number of properties and property values. A single Boulder ZIP Code contains more than 4,400 properties with a Wildfire Risk Score
above 80 and a combined value of over $1.5 billion.

While we all enjoy our open spaces in Colorado, we hope that Colorado’s landowners, developers, and home buyers will make responsible decisions in planning new communities near forested areas.

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