Where Do You See Government?

Where do you see government? That’s the question asked by a new online tool from Colorado Matters, a program on Colorado Public Radio. It’s really quite an interesting question that is likely to elicit responses both affirming the important role of government and pointing out where government may be overreaching.

Take for example this interesting post we found:

This is centuries-old rock art SW of Cortez, near the Southern Ute Reservation. It’s just off a highway, so it’s easy to park next to the rocks and explore the area. There are no official govt signs nearby, but it seems it would be illegal to damage these rocks. Perhaps it falls under the Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA).

Certainly, protecting the amazing archaeological sites present throughout our State is a role that the government can and does perform. Perhaps, some might think that private organizations could do it better and others might think the government is doing a good job but there is still room to improve.

Where do you see government? Put some thought into it and upload your photo and comment here.

Click here to listen to the original story from Colorado Matters.

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