Romney’s Middle Class Plan Short on Specifics

Yesterday, while speaking at an event in Golden, Colorado, presidential candidate Mitt Romney released his plan for a stronger middle class.

Washington Post opinion columnist Greg Sargent points out that Mitt Romney’s plan is vague and, perhaps, not so ambitious. As Coloradans, we shouldn’t allow candidates from either party to use our state as a political stage for empty claims–let’s hear some specifics, Mitt.

Romney’s one-page plan essentially confirms again that he still sees no need to tell us with any meaningful specificity what he would do to fix the economic crisis: He says he’ll cut taxes without saying how he’d pay for it and says he’ll slash government without saying in any serious detail what programs he’d eliminate. …

The question of how to fix the economic crisis is the central, driving issue in this presidential race. How about some serious, in depth stories from the big news orgs comparing the two candidates’ plans to actually accomplish that?

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