Over Half of Colorado Teachers Buy Food for Hungry Students

The Denver Post recently reported that more than half of teachers in Colorado pay for food for hungry students out of their own pockets. More from the Post’s report:

Statewide, nearly two-thirds of teachers believe providing food on test days can improve student scores, and up to 95 percent find that breakfast, in particular, can alleviate health issues, spur better academic performance and improve concentration.

In Colorado, among more than 200,000 low-income students who ate a free or reduced-price lunch in 2010-11, only 87,000 participated in the federal School Breakfast Program.

This information comes from a recent national survey from the non-profit child hunger advocacy organization Share Our Strength. Share Our Strength has partnered with the Governor’s Office and Hunger Free Colorado in a Campaign to End Childhood Hunger in Colorado.

One of their initial pushes has been to increase awareness and encourage more parents to have their children participate in the School Breakfast Program.

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