Neither Side Wants Real Transparency

The Durango Herald highlights the interesting contradiction,  typically more common of progressive organizations (though certainly not exclusively), of a call for increased transparency with regard to the source of funding on one hand and refusal to divulge their own donors on the other.  It seems like either side will call for transparency when it is politically convenient but neither side will comply.  This is simply a political ploy used by either side to try and make the other look bad at opportune times.  Let’s see this for what it is: neither side wants real transparency.

There are some good arguments for why we, as a polity, may want to keep donors secret.  One of the strongest arguments compares political donations to our secret ballot system of voting.  While the argument is compelling from a freedom of speech aspect, it is also flawed.  Equating money with votes results in those with more money having more say–and that’s not right.

Conservative or progressive, we should know who is funding efforts to get initiatives on the ballot in Colorado.

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