Schools Encouraging Use of Computers in Classrooms

Our Colorado News has two articles on the increased use of computers in the classroom. The first article reports on how Arapahoe High School is piloting a new program to have students bring their own technology to school. Its suggested that schools could use this technology to incorporate more online quizzes, interactive dictionaries, and use of animations and videos into their curriculum.

[Arapahoe High School math teacher Karl] Fisch said schools are trending toward “flipped” classrooms, in which kids listen to lectures online as homework while performing the more inquiry-based activities in class under the teacher’s supervision. This allows for more individualized attention, said Fisch, and the opportunity to try more “interesting stuff” in the classroom than there’s been time for in the past. Computers, of course, are key to successfully pulling that off.

A second article reports that Douglas County Schools is launching a district-wide initiative for students to bring their own personal computers, tablets, and phones for use in their classrooms. Since not all students own or can afford a device, they’ve procured a stock of devices that are available to students on a rotating basis.

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