‘Medical’ Marijuana Regulation Lacks Funding in Colorado

Two weeks ago, we highlighted a story on how Colorado is at risk of becoming known as the marijuana provider for the nation. A recent piece from Colorado Public Radio points out that one major problem is a lack of funding for enforcement. More from CPR’s report:

What’s worse, [Attorney General John Suthers] says the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division doesn’t have enough money to regulate the industry, recently having to reassign 20 employees to other divisions. Another architect of the regulations, State Representative Tom Massey, says the rules are solid – it’s just that enforcement needs money.

Is money the only problem? Are lax standards for obtaining a ‘medical’ marijuana card also an issue? Perhaps again, only more money is needed to weed out the bad apples. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment maintains the official registry of ‘medical’ marijuana patients and their website lists the debilitating medical conditions under which a person can qualify. The high concentration of ‘medical’ marijuana dispensaries near downtown Denver suggests a staggering number of persons in the area with debilitating medical conditions.

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