Hickenlooper Threatens Suit Should Fracking Ban Pass

The Coloradoan reports that if Fort Collins, or any other municipality, passed a law banning oil and gas development within city limits the State would be obligated to file suit.

More from The Coloradoan:

“The governor takes no joy in suing local government,” Hickenlooper spokesman Eric Brown told the Coloradoan Wednesday. “As a former mayor he respects local planning and control. He also has an obligation to uphold the law. The governor wants to be honest with local communities about the state’s legal obligations. Bans like the one under consideration in Fort Collins violate state law.”

Governor Hickenlooper is obviously trying to present this as if he is walking a fine line of respecting local government and enforcing the law. However, rather than make it sound like his hands are tied, the Governor might want to state even more bluntly his preference that the State have complete and total regulatory control of oil and gas development, without a way for local communities to opt-out–that is what he’s advocating.

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