Colorado Oil and Gas Regulators Approve Water Testing Requirements

On Monday, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission passed new regulations requiring the testing of water wells within half a mile of a new oil or gas well both before and after drilling. More from the Durango Herald:

The commission adopted that rule Monday on a 9-0 vote. It requires tests of up to four water wells within half a mile of a new gas or oil well before drilling. Companies will have to follow up with two more tests six months to a year later, and two more five or six years after that.

Of course, neither environmentalists nor drillers are satisfied with the new rule. Environmentalists claim that the new regulations are weak compared to groundwater testing regulations in other states and that the rule exempts thousands of wells in Larimer and Weld counties. Drillers complain that the new regulations require too many water samples be taken.

More rules regulating Colorado’s oil and gas industry are still under consideration with a vote expected Wednesday on how close new drilling can be to homes and schools.

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