Colorado Goods: Tommyknocker Root Beer

Here at the Colorado Citizen, we believe that supporting local businesses is one thing we can do to be good citizens. That’s why we’re starting a new series of stories entitled ‘Colorado Goods.’ In this series, we’ll highlight quality products produced right here in Colorado and provide tips for finding local goods.

Up first is Tommyknocker Root Beer, brewed in Idaho Springs, CO. Tommyknocker started in 1994 and brews a variety of craft beers in addition to their sodas. A complete list of Tommyknocker products is available at

We found a four pack of Tommyknocker’s root beer at our local grocery store. What caught our eye was that this root beer is made with all natural ingredients including maple syrup and doesn’t contain corn syrup. We sampled it by itself and as a root beer float–both were amazing! We’d love to hear your comments on where to find some quality Colorado ice cream to pair with this root beer.

Among Tommyknocker’s alcoholic beers, their list of awards shows that their Butt Head Bock is a frequent winner.

If your passing through Idaho Springs, you may want to also consider stopping by Tommyknocker’s pub and restaurant.


  1. You should try Pajama Baking Company on South Pearl. They offer a ton of baked goods, sandwiches and delicious home-made ice cream. They usually only have around 10 flavors, but they are always delicious and the texture is perfect.