Colorado Goods: Start Your Garden with Botanical Interests

Now that Spring has finally arrived, many are thinking about planting their garden. That’s the line of thought that led us to find Botanical Interests, a seed company right here in Broomfield, Colorado with a great selection of over 500 varieties and a commitment to quality and education.

Botanical Interests is owned and operated by Curtis Jones and Judy Seaborn. Since 1995, this husband and wife duo has taken this business from their garage to a warehouse with dozens of employees. The secret to their success: a commitment to quality in a market that’s growing. All of the seeds that Botanical Interests sells are not treated with chemicals, not scientifically altered to make them more pest, disease, or chemical resistant, and tested to ensure that they meet USDA germination rate standards.

Botanical Interests’ commitment to quality not only affects the contents of their seed packets but also the packets themselves. Botanical Interests’ seed packets are beautifully illustrated on the outside and chock full of information on the inside including details on sowing, growing, harvesting, and recipes for preparing the plant. A packet of seeds we bought, Greek Pepperoncini (the peppers that come with Papa John’s pizza), had a pickling recipe from a restaurant in Niwot, Colorado–perfect!

Botanical Interests is also committed to educating and inspiring gardeners. Their website has a number of insightful educational articles on plant varieties and seed starting techniques. They also have several blogs including (our favorite) Seed to Saucepan, which boasts a number of gourmet recipes.

We placed our order online and it arrived within only a few days. As a bonus, our package included a guide to easy seed starting and a ‘thank you’ packet of Lettuce Mesclun. While Botanical Interests sells seeds online, you may also be able to spot them in a store nearby you (we spotted a seed display for Botanical Interests in a Denver-area Whole Foods).

So if you’re just getting started on your garden and still looking for some quality seeds to plant this year, look no further and try Botanical Interests. Not only will you be getting a great product, you’ll also be supporting a family-run business from right here in Colorado.

More About the Colorado Goods Series:
Here at the Colorado Citizen, we believe that supporting local businesses is one thing we can do to be good citizens. That’s why we’re producing a series of stories entitled ‘Colorado Goods.’ In this series, we’ll highlight quality products produced right here in Colorado and provide tips for finding local goods. If you have a Colorado product you think is worthy of being highlighted, please send us a story tip through our Contact Us page.

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