Colorado Crime Maps

Many large municipalities in Colorado report crime statistics online. Many of those reports get aggregated on websites like and Its free to register on these sites and you can configure your account to send email alerts when the map is updated. You can also display crime by type, incidents by date, and information on registered sex offenders.

Some cities maintain their own maps, like the City of Denver’s crime map.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the crime information reported is accurate or complete. A recent story from 9News revealed that the City of Denver has been under-reporting crime on their map.

By monitoring crime maps, you may be able to help improve community safety by staying aware of crime in your area. These crime maps may also empower communities to inquire about police activity or coordinate a crime prevention initiative.

You’ll notice, though, that these data are still not easily available for a lot of cities and areas in Colorado. If you live in a city where crime data is not yet reported publicly, consider contacting your local law enforcement to ask about how to obtain information on crime in your area.

We’ve added crime maps to our menu listing of ‘Citizen Tools & Resources’ located in the main menu bar at the top of the Colorado Citizen’s site–-more to come, make sure to send us your suggestions.

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