Colorado Becoming Marijuana Provider for Nation

Yesterday, came news of the indictment of 11 persons in connection with an illegal marijuana ring. This seems to be the sign of a larger problem–a problem that could turn Colorado into a place where gangs control territory to move their product throughout the United States.

A report from the Denver Post earlier this month highlighted:

Colorado’s medical marijuana industry has spawned illegal drug networks that are marketing pot across the U.S., illustrating that state laws aren’t keeping the drug in the hands of people entitled to use it, regional drug officials say.

… [T]he Drug Enforcement Administration suggested Colorado is on track to become a primary source of supply for high-grade marijuana throughout the country.

As a State, we decided that use of marijuana to treat medical conditions should be allowed. However, lax regulations have let some obtain marijuana in our State for recreational purposes. Even worse, this lax regulation of ‘medical’ marijuana in Colorado has obviously led some to think they can use it as an opportunity to make money selling marijuana illegally in other states. This isn’t just bad for those other states, its also a sign that something isn’t right here.

In November, we’ll get a chance to vote on whether the recreational use of marijuana should be legal in Colorado. However that is decided, it’s clear that better regulation of marijuana in Colorado is imperative.

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