Citizen Tools

This page lists a number of tools useful to Colorado citizens. If you know of another tool that could be listed here, please contact us. is a website that facilitates online giving to hundreds of local Colorado nonprofits. Once a year, is used as one of the primary platforms for Colorado Gives Day but you can use it anytime throughout the year to find a local Colorado nonprofit to support. Colorado Gives Day and were started in 2010 by the Community First Foundation, a nonprofit that encourages charitable giving. Click here to read some suggested search tips on Read here for some tips on searching for local nonprofits through

TBD Colorado

TBD Colorado, initiated by Governor John Hickenlooper, is an organization dedicated to creating informed and constructive conversations about State issues. They’ve hosted a number of regional meetings and in November 2012, released some summary recommendations. On TBD Colorado’s site you’ll find a number of useful things including a kit on how to host your own meeting.

Follow the State Legislature on Twitter

Curious about the buzz on Capitol Hill? Follow what members of the State Legislature are saying with the Colorado Citizen’s new COleg twitter list-–you can subscribe here: This list is current with members of the Sixty-Ninth General Assembly, which started its first session on January 9th, 2013. As always, we’ll do our best to keep this list current and up to date but please let us know if you spot an error or someone that should be added.

Colorado Crime Maps

By monitoring crime maps, you may be able to help improve community safety by staying aware of crime in your area. These crime maps may also empower communities to inquire about police activity or coordinate a crime prevention initiative. Many large municipalities in Colorado report crime statistics online and many of those reports get aggregated on websites like and Its free to register on these sites and you can configure your account to send email alerts when the map is updated. You can also display crime by type, incidents by date, and information on registered sex offenders. Some cities maintain their own maps, like the City of Denver’s crime map.

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