Challenging School Finance in Colorado

If you don’t already know, this past December the Denver District Court issued a ruling challenging our State’s method of financing schools. The implications of the Lobato Case are many and this is a case that everyone in Colorado should be watching.

EdNews Colorado has a good piece on the Lobato Case with some detail about the State’s appeal

Below are three major points from the District Judge’s ruling, as highlighted by EdNews Colorado:

“The entire system of public school finance … is not rationally related to the mandate of the” state constitution’s education clause, which requires “the establishment and maintenance of a thorough and uniform system of free public schools throughout the state.”

“The public school finance system falls short of providing sufficient funding to meet the mandate of the Education Clause and standards-based education.” By standards-based education, Rappaport was referring to the reform and other education mandates passed by the legislature in recent years.

Lack of financial resources means school districts “are unable to provide the educational programs, services, instructional materials, equipment, technology, and capital facilities necessary to assure all children an education that meets the mandates of the Education Clause and standards-based education.”

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