Can There Be Only One Good Super PAC?

Clean Slate Now is a an organization dedicated to taking the influence of special interest money out of politics. No doubt, Clean Slate Now’s cause is important–it would be great to know with certainty that our elected officials never let political contribution influence their decisions. But some argue that not accepting campaign money from political action committees is essentially unilateral disarmament–a sure way to lose an election.

The Durango Herald reports that Clean Slate Now is organized as an independent expenditure committee, the equivalent of a Super PAC in Colorado. This is ironic since Clean Slate Now is actively trying to reduce the influence of other similarly organized political organizations.  So this begs the questions: Why should one organization be considered a ‘good’ Super PAC but all others bad?  Even if the Clean Slate Now doesn’t provide candidates financial support, might those elected persons aided by Clean Slate Now phone banks still feel indebted to the organization?

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